Credentials & Quality Assurance

  • United believes in quality oriented work style, hence there are qualified QC on the field for testing Micro-biology such as Aflatoxin, Kernel count, Total Plate Count, Salmonella, Yeast &mould, Coliform, Moisture, Etc with in-house testing facility.
  • Inward system for raw material has been placed very strictly, we only accept peanuts with less than 7% moisture & aflatoxin as 8ppb & below. These execution is placed strictly by the management.
  • Aflatoxin tests are executed batch wise inside the premises. 1 Batch = 300 Kg. After then it is also made sure with a final dispatch with a random sampling done by 3rd party laboratory.
  • We assure our customer for aflatoxin guaranty supply where, we maintain aflatoxin under 5ppb. That adds to our greatest success!
  • The plant occupies supervision monitoring system from managing quality at work for their customers.
  • All the rules, regulation are well placed as per BRC Certification & are executed by the quality team inside the work place.